PG Magnetic Roots
PG The Psychology of Booze & Guilt
PG Intravenous Delusions
Magnetic Roots
©2013 BEW Records
©2013 BMI
Engineered & Mixed by: Kristopher White, The Map Room
Produced by: Professor Gall

2. Somwhere Else
3. Nature vs. Narcissim
4. Magnetic Roots
5. A Mirage
6. Somewhere Else (spoken)
7. Funky Water
The Psychology Of Booze & Guilt
©2010 BEW Records
©2010 BMI
Mixed by: Rob Bartleson, Haywire Recording
Mastered by: Kevin Nettlingham, Netllingham Audio
Recorded & Engineered by: George Turner
Produced by: Professor Gall

1. Skin Bottle
2. A Smile Can't Be Forced
3. Whiskey Was The Medicine
4. The 50's Are Coming Around Again
5. The Unknown Artist
6. Putting The Fun Back In Funeral
7. What They Wear
8. I'm A Drunk
9. Sister Teresa's Albany Cemetery
Intravenous Delusions
©2006 BEW Records
©2006 BMI
Mixed by: Rob Bartleson, Haywire Recording
Mastered by: Kevin Nettlingham, Netllingham Audio
Recorded & Engineered by: Shawn Lockhart, Nomadic Productions

1. Stupid Boy
2. Finding Him
3. The Mime Before Me
4. Fake Mushrooms
5. Sounds
6. Hanky Rocket
7. Femur In The Woods
8. Second Line
9. Creepy Old Haunts
10. A Room Filled...
11. Weary Friend
12. Frontier Motel and Cafe
13. Mi Paragon
Professor Gall seeks to uncover the contradictions of an ambiguous and native-less society, 'dreaming the existentialists' dream', while at the same time pleading for individualism, peace, and more fun at funerals.

The Portland, Oregon conglomerate starts with Drew Norman on vocals, guitar, percussion stomp box and banjo, who brings his theatrical experience to the musical stage and is responsible for the initial musical and lyrical embellishments. Drew’s recent side roles include the ‘Husband’ in the stage and movie version of Sally Tomato’s TOY ROOM (Severe Enterprises), a rock opera that won accolades from The Heart of England Film Festival, studio recordings and live shows with Will West, Kory Quinn, Orchestre L’ Pow and the Wanderlust Circus. Scott Johnston heads up the first chair position for the horn section, arranging charts and providing his saxophone alchemy. Rounding out the ensemble is Monte Skillings on trombone, John Stewart (Live Wire, Storm Large), Sean Hudson (Orchestre L’Pow) on stand-up bass, Don Henson (Sneakin’ Out) and Andrew Alikhonov (Chervona) on clarinet.
Critical acclaim for their first full length CD ‘Intravenous Delusion’ has enabled Professor Gall to become a regional favorite, sharing the stage with acts like The Devil Makes Three, Eric McFadden Trio, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Billy Nayer Show, Vagabond Opera, the Dandy Warhols, and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum at venues throughout the USA and Europe as well as festivals and conventions like the Folklife Festival (Seattle WA), Portland Umbrella Festival, Gearcon (Portland,OR), Teslacon (Madison,WI) and Steamcon (Bellevue, WA) Wild Wild West Steampunk Con (Tucson,AZ). The band released in March of 2010 their sophomore release entitled ‘The Psychology of Booze and Guilt’ to rave reviews. PG’s third release, ‘Magnetic Roots’ came out on April 20th, 2013.

Professor Gall was recently featured by Seattle’s City Arts Magazine as the Portland, Oregon representative of the National Steampunk Movement, along with the Dresden Dolls (Boston), Abney Park (Seattle) and Unwoman (San Francisco).
'A Tincture of Junkyard Folk and Steampunk Jazz'.
PG Press Quotes
©2010 - 2016 Professor Gall, BEW Management
Professor Gall - Live at The Secret Society Part II
©2013 BEW Records, ©2013 BMI
Professor Gall - Live at The Secret Society Part I
©2013 BEW Records, ©2013 BMI
Photos by: Miri Stebivka Photography, Josh Latham Photography, James Farethewell, and Rob/RJB Photography
Andrew Clarinet
Professor Gall supporting arts
Professor Gall full band
Monty Skillings
Professor Gall with EF Staff
Professor Gall at Dante's Inferno
Professor Gall at Dominos
Sean Hudson
Professr Gall on electric
Professor Gall promo shot
Professor Gall - squirrel!
Professor Gall promo shot
Professor Gall promo shot
The Professor and The Teacher (Scott Johnston)
John Stewart
Andrew Clarinet
Professor Gall on banjo
Scott Johnston
Professor Gall at The Secret Society Ballroom
Professor Gall full band horns
Professor Gall taking it down
Professor Gall - Full Band
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